Ruby Clark

Daily Point of Light # 3875 Dec 10, 2008

Ruby Clark is a retire school teacher and has been active in the community for over a decade. After discovering she had cancer she decided to leave the school system and spend her time volunteering to help youth who struggle with school academics.

Ruby's volunteer activities have assisted children in both reading and math classes. She has been changing the lives of children one day at a time with her passionate devotion for helping youth.

Because of Ruby's time with the children, the school has seen outstanding results. The children Ruby works with have seen an increase of 40% in their reading aptitude and a 30% increase in math testing scores. These results are higher than the average outcomes of the public schools in the area.

Ruby goes above and beyond her role in the community. She dedicates more than 100 hours of service to the community per month. She has also helped to establish the community enrichment program that offers jobs, scholarships, home ownership, new business opportunities and health education to all citizens who need assistance, including seniors.

Ruby saw a need, created a solution and provided a service that is and will continue to impact the lives of the youth in New Smyrna Beach. In conjunction with the service she is already providing as a volunteer, Ruby is also starting new programs for adults.