Daily Point of Light # 1871 Apr 5, 2001

Rusty Minick, a native Oklahoman and avid fisherman, found the trips he took with his grandparents to be therapeutic, helping him to recover from the trauma of losing his parents at the age of fifteen. He founded Kids, We Care, Inc. in December 1995 as an outcome of his vision to aid the children of Oklahoma City after the bombing of the Murrah Building on April 19, 1995 and provide them with hope for a drug-free and gang-free future. Minick knows that his grandparents sharing in his life enabled him to heal and work through the death of his parents. He, in turn, wants to share with the children of Oklahoma.

Kids, We Care, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to help restore faith in religion and country for children that have suffered tragedies in their lives, is based in Edmond, Oklahoma. Initially, Kids, We Care, Inc. was designed to provide the children and chance to learn how to regain control of their lives with the help of learning to fish. Now, the program has expanded to include any child who has lost a parent or parents to tragedy or have suffered another harsh loss in their life.

Minick’s goal is to attract all children who need good influences in their lives. He then focuses on directing them toward healthy activities such as fishing and the outdoors. With the help and involvement of others with the same goals, Kids, We Care, Inc. makes a difference in the Oklahoma City areas children’s lives. Minick realizes that children are our future leaders, and they need encouragement now to reach their potential in the future.

Minick has seen the tremendous impact on children’s lives and is encouraged by the work he does. Through simple acts, such as fishing trips and taking children to sporting events, he has helped put smiles back on the children’s faces and laughter in their voices. The program now has many corporate sponsors, but Minick has dedicated his life and livelihood to helping the children of Oklahoma become caring, prosperous and productive members of their community.

He is currently working on the Kids, We Care Ranch, to be located near Guthrie, Oklahoma. Located on 160 acres, this camp will be completely handicapped-accessible, and the premier camp in the state. We have four ponds completed so far, and we’re seeking help from builders, road contractors, lumber companies, utility companies, and anyone interested in making monetary or in kind donations to speed up the process of building this $6 million project. The sooner this happens the better. Then we can make a difference in the lives of so many children that need guidance and encouragement. Come join in with us, and we all can say: Kids, We Care!