Ruth El

Daily Point of Light # 3509 Jul 17, 2007

Ruth El has been a fun, enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer since joining Greater Philadelphia Cares in 1999. Since then, she has volunteered over 500 hours of her time, starting with projects such as Hands on Camp, in which she served as a volunteer every day for a whole month!

Since then, Ruth has been a project leader at Maplewood Manor Nursing Home. In January 2004, Ruth decided to take on the challenge of leading this new project and decided to make it her own by providing direction and consistency. Since that time, she has been a dedicated leader who brightens the seniors’ days and makes them smile; they look forward to seeing Ruth and the volunteers that accompany her. Energy and enthusiasm exude from Ruth and the seniors love “Casino Night” at Maplewood Manor. No matter rain or shine, they can always count on her being there.

Ruth also serves as project leader for the Kearsley Retirement Community Center where she brings joy to the seniors while leading them in exciting games of Bingo, and she lovingly leads Play Night at Northern Home for Children. In addition, she has served as a Site Captain for Philadelphia Cares Day since 2003.

Ruth is such a wonderful leader that volunteers sign up, specifically, to be part of her projects. In addition, Ruth El is a graduate of the Greater Philadelphia Cares Social Change Leaders class of 2006; she was a member of a team which created a mentoring program for women. Ruth’s enthusiasm, commitment, and hard work make her the archetype of a perfect volunteer. She is a tireless giver and, truly, one of a kind!