Samuel Lam

Daily Point of Light # 4847 Sep 5, 2012

After falling victim to a bully who targeted him via Facebook, Sam Lam founded End to Cyber Bullying (ETCB) to raise awareness of the issue and mobilize youth, educators and parents to address the problem. ETCB trains, organizes and arranges for volunteers to education middle and high school students about how to recognize and prevent cyber bullying. To end cyber bullying, Sam believes he must change the mentality of youth and help them celebrate people’s differences, rather than attack them.

Since he launched ETCB in 2011, Sam has reached more than 2 million people around the globe via the Internet. He is now working with partners like the Girl Scouts, Project Empower and Pure Sight to continue to expand the reach of his message. Sam hopes the program will inspire among young people better online etiquette, increased online safety and better connections.