Sandy Lor

Daily Point of Light # 5005 Jul 22, 2013

Mentoring means a great deal to Sandy Lor, a junior at Simmons College. It is because of her great mentors that she got the inspiration to create a mentoring program in conjunction with the Gateway tutoring program.

“I can honestly say that without my mentors in my life, I wouldn’t be able to achieve all that I have today.” Lor wrote in a recent Simmons blog post.

Gateway was originally developed as a pilot program to provide high school students with after-school tutoring assistance. In 2011, Lor worked with the Gateway Team to develop a proposal and secure funds to implement a mentoring program to benefit the students of John O’ Bryant High School in Roxbury, Massachusetts. In addition to tutoring, students now receive mentoring, which has helped bring hope and expectations to the students who really need guidance and role models.

Dev Staff