Sara Barnes

Daily Point of Light # 3302 Sep 29, 2006

Sara Barnes has a concern for children and decided to put that care in action. Barnes came to Mrs. Ward’s first grade class each Monday from 8-11am to tutor children. She also made herself available to assist the teacher. Barnes loved to help the children and they loved to see her. She knew they looked forward to their meetings and often brought snacks for the children.

Barnes did not have an innovative approach or use very much creativity. However, she used simple methods. Barnes was consistent; she made herself available and listened to the children. She allowed them to talk and share ideas. They received the attention they needed, and this caused the children’s self-confidence to soar. Mrs. Ward’s class felt special because of their time with Barnes.

The time Barnes spent with the children was definitely not in vain. She showed them different methods that would help them learn and make learning fun. The children also benefited by her structure and positive reinforcement whenever they made small achievements. By tutoring the children, Barnes had a part in helping the child become a productive person in the community.

Annually, Barnes worked with an average of 15 to 20 students in the class. Many of the children were shy and had behavior problems. Some of the children in her group also had learning disabilities. These groups can be challenging, but Barnes worked with them and showed each of the children respect.

In addition to being a great listener, Barnes was also patient with the children. This means a lot as some volunteers or staff members may get frustrated because of the children’s attention span. Barnes was able to give additional help with reading and anything else Mrs. Ward needed.

Barnes is a retiree who stays busy traveling and doing other things wither friends. Her Mondays are full, though. She has a standing appointment for Mrs. Ward’s class at Eastwood Elementary School.