Scot Pittman

Daily Point of Light # 1406 Jun 24, 1999

Scot Pittman, founder and volunteer Executive Director of Street Clothes Project, is largely responsible for the well-dressed men walking the streets of Philadelphia today. He has served over 1,200 men by providing them with casual and work clothes, free of charge. He has recruited numerous volunteers from corporations, community members and other interested parties to help him with this endeavor.

Volunteers are essential to Pittman's Street Clothes Project. Community clothing drives, corporate clothing drives and public appearances attract people to the program who are willing to help to make it a success. The clients are male parolees, men in transition (unemployed, homeless) and men who have completed alcohol and drug rehab programs.

Since the project started in March 1998, it has grown from one small office in a church basement to almost 20 locations throughout the city. The project locations are centered in parts of the city where clients live, work or attend school in order to make the program accessible to everyone. Street Clothes Project can be found in medical centers, state correctional centers, homeless shelters and job training centers where those who are in the greatest need can get clothing.

Pittman is working to bring Street Clothes Project into the next century and expand its services. His five-year plan includes a good program, transitional housing and a camp for kids. There are also plans to put Street Clothes Project into every state correctional center in Pennsylvania and expand the program to the national level, beginning with a partnership with four colleges in New Jersey. But, no matter what direction Scot Pittman decides to take it, his Street Clothes Project is "fitting" the bill.