Daily Point of Light # 2478 Aug 5, 2003

Scott Monson has been volunteering tirelessly in his community for more than 35 years. At least 600 parents have shared with the principal that their son or daughter may not have made it through school without his help. Monson tutors before and after school, listens to youth and works to relate to them at their level.

Monson takes a personal interest in the youth of Brigham City. He gives them hours of personal attention to make them feel important and especially reaches out to “hard to reach” kids, helping them with their self-image. He has even visited parents to help them understand what their child is going through and help them both find common ground. He has written hundreds of letters of recommendations, earning kids jobs and college admittance.

Monson introduced a program to a local school called the Summer Science Trips, which he managed for 15 years. He took groups of kids, ages 12-17, on weeklong trips in the summer helping them see the “fun” side of learning. He teaches them that education can be fun and a career in science can be exciting.

In addition to his work at the schools, Monson has helped more than 300 boys and men with Eagle Scout Projects with the Boy Scouts of America. Most young men between the ages of 10 and 38 know Monson and received help to earn their badges from him. His specialty is swimming, life saving and citizenship merit badges. While he works with the scouts, he teaches the young men about citizenship as well as volunteering and giving back to the community. He has been known to go to the pool in the early hours of the morning or late hours at night to help one young man or another fulfill his merit badge in order to get his Eagle Scout honor.

Monson also works with the disabled adults in the community. He helps them find jobs, often going to job sites as a job coach with these adults to make the employer feel more at ease. He currently takes many of these adults to movies, shopping at the mall or fun events on the weekends. Monson works with other Mental Health and community agencies that work with kids on a regular basis. He also works with the Boys & Girls Clubs.

Monson sits as a volunteer on the School District Comprehensive Guidance Board made up of Civic and Education leaders to review programs and policies. He is also on the Crisis Team for the School District where he solves gang related and drug problems.