Daily Point of Light # 3017 Aug 29, 2005

S.P.I.N provides food baskets during the holiday season along with free lunches to homeless families throughout the calendar year.

Each year Gary and Sherri Graves provide the leadership and coordination to feed hundreds of needy families who would not have a holiday meal but for the care and understanding of the Graves’. Last year, over 700 holiday baskets were distributed through the Graves efforts. During their off-duty hours, the graves find volunteers to distribute food baskets. They acquire the necessary items to provide a complete holiday meal including a turkey! They along with a handful of volunteers assemble the food baskets. They schedule police officers and other non-commissioned employees to help with all aspects of the food drive. Gary and Sherri are the founders of S.P.I.N. They are recognized as a non-profit organization and do all work related to their charity during their off-duty hours. In these days, it is so easy for police employees to become jaded and indifferent as means of coping with the every-day stresses of their careers.

The Graves however see the need within our community’s homeless and downtrodden. Unlike others, they take affirmative steps to help the needy through their holiday food basket program. Their efforts have made a positive difference in our community. They have helped police employees by helping them recognize the importance of giving. Most importantly the Graves have helped to feed thousands of families over the years.

What impresses me most is the selflessness and true spirit of giving. I have seen much in 25 years as a police officer. But never have I seen people like the Graves. They do this all ad have never sought recognition.