Daily Point of Light # 3008 Aug 16, 2005

Sgt. Barnett’s service began when he enrolled in the National Guard shortly after graduating from high school. After completing his service, Sgt. Barnett joined the Payson Volunteer Fire Department, where he as served for over fifty-years, many times leaving his business to respond to fire calls. He is often called upon by the fire department for advice because of his knowledge and expertise. Sgt. Barnett is willing to help, and often volunteers to help before he is asked.

Sgt. Barnett also volunteers for the Utah County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Jeep Patrol, where he has become proficient in scuba diving, avalanche rescue, tracking, repelling, lake rescue and retrieving lost victims to fulfill his duties as a rescuer. Over the forty-years he has served, Sgt. Barnett has become known for his ability to act quickly and wisely under pressure. He also volunteers at the Peteetneet Academy of Arts & Museum, giving of his time and expertise to help restore the 103-year old building.

Sgt. Barnett’s life has been spent in service. In addition to the services listed above, he has also served as President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, where he helped to install a new water line in Payson. As a Boy Scout leader, he has encouraged many young men to excel in life.