Shandra Borgen

Daily Point of Light # 1488 Oct 18, 1999

When the Grand Forks Mission lost its kitchen to a flood, it continued serving meals with help from the National Guard, ND and from a special teenager—Shanda Borgen. Thirteen year old Shanda baked and delivered more than 500 mini-loaves and 30 dozen cookies to the Grand Forks Mission.

Even through Shanda lives 40 miles away in Niagara, she continues to funnel her personal resources into projects for the Grand Forks Mission. She has initiated projects such as “Day to Day,” in which her fellow 4-H members answer meeting roll-calls by donating items that are on the mission’s daily needs list. She then coordinates transportation, with her grandmother, to deliver the collected items. The Mission saved more than $2,000 last year by the “Day to Day” project intake.

Shanda has also started and finished several other volunteer service activities. Using money from her own allowance and asking friends and family to donate flour, sugar and bananas, Shanda made an additional 300 mini-loaves of bread for the Mission Banquet. She additionally sponsored a bake sale which netted $400.

Shanda solicited candies and small gifts from family, friends and fellow 4-H members to fill Halloween treat bags for residents which were handed out at the Mission. Additionally, she organized a Christmas Mug gift project for the Mission residents. Each coffee mug was filled with personal care items and a small gift.

Shanda wrote and was awarded a $1,000 grant from Wal-Mart to help the homeless communicate with their families with post cards, stationery and stamps. She also worked with her local and state 4-H chapters to help educate the public, through booths, bake sales and fund drives, about the needs of the homeless population.

In addition to her service activities, Shanda is actively involved in extracurricular activities including, band, basketball and volleyball.

“Shanda is proof that teenagers do care and can make a difference,” remarked Karen Frisch, Grand Forks Mission, Resource Development Director, “if there were more teenagers like her, there would be no need for a city mission or government programs to help the needy.”