Shoreh Elhami

Daily Point of Light # 4692 Feb 1, 2012

Shoreh Elhami is a volunteer with the GISCorps, a volunteer program under the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA), an International professional organization for GIS professionals.
Volunteers within the GISCorps are geospatial professionals who provide technical services in the areas of geographic information systems, remote sensing and global positioning systems. Among many other projects, Shoreh and other GISCorps volunteers have been instrumental in providing vital service location for refugees in Cairo; GIS capacity building in Afghanistan, medical care referrals for the poor in Central America, development of a national web map portal of volcanoes in Armenia; and mapping genocide events in Darfur and Chad. The volunteers create a connection with their clients who need assistance or want to create a better way of life by providing their services either on-site or remotely.
Moreover, the volunteers strengthen local capacity by helping them adopt and use information technology. GISCorps volunteers’ services help to improve the quality of life by supporting humanitarian relief, enhancing environmental analysis, fostering economic development, supporting community planning, and supporting health and education related activities.
Volunteers with the GISCorps provide much needed technical services across an enormous set of environmental, disaster relief, human rights, historic preservation, economic development, election monitoring and educational applications. That is what makes Shoreh a Daily Point of Light.