Silda Wall

Daily Point of Light # 3831 Oct 9, 2008

Silda Wall is the Founding Board Chair of Children for Children. Children for Children (CFC) is a New York not-for-profit founded by parents to foster community involvement and social responsibility in young people. CFC offers opportunities for young people from preschool through high school to "grow involved," through hands-on service and philanthropy programs that teach the value of volunteering and giving.

CFC's programs accommodate a wide range of ages, abilities, interests and busy schedules just right for kids, families, schools, educators and other community youth organizations.

Though Silda Wall’s leadership of CFC, she has addressed multiple New York community needs such as education, building healthy communities and promotion of civic engagement. The work of CFC has also impacted international communities.

Through Mrs. Spitzer’s leadership and vision, CFC and its young volunteers have engaged in tens of thousands of service hours to improve their communities and the lives of others. For example, CFC has placed over two million dollars in resources in underserved schools, fundraised to provide bed nets for children in malaria endemic countries, and collected hundreds of thousands of books to build classroom libraries, in addition to countless other Silda Wall is unique because she has taken a leadership role and initiative in founding CFC. She left the private sector to wholly focus on giving back to the community and leading this organization.