Daily Point of Light # 2651 Apr 2, 2004

Sister Ruth Virginia Quinn, S.S.J., is a person with boundless energy. She is always ready and willing to extend a helping hand and gives one hundred percent effort to assist others with immediate or long-term needs. Her many acts of kindness over the years have impacted and still continue to positively influence the lives of the young and old, the rich and poor, the educated and uneducated, as well as the healthy and infirm. She reaches out with love to her neighbor in need of physical or spiritual assistance – reaches out without counting the cost.

Sister Quinn, a born teacher, spent years in the classroom educating youngsters who were preparing to take their rightful places as leaders in our society. She taught many age groups, and her example of service inspired her students to reach for the stars, and her success stories are numerous and inspiring.

At one point during her teaching career, she was asked to consider working with special needs children. Along with her affirmative answer, she realized the need to improve her teaching methods and hone her skills, so she enrolled in a Master’s program at Fitchburg State College. A full four-year Joseph P. Kennedy scholarship enabled her to receive, with honors, a Master’s Degree in Special Education. As she continued her daily work in the academic classroom, she also made time to establish and set up 13 diocesan learning centers to help children with learning needs to receive training in religious education.

Her dedicated efforts blossomed into a joy for parents seeking Christian values and guidance for themselves and their children with special needs. Her work continues to live on in the hearts of needy families.

Sister Quinn has a hard time saying “No’ to anyone who calls upon her for assistance, and she has been blessed in many ways because she truly cares and shares. Although she is retired from full-time teaching, she has used every minute to the fullest by volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House since 1991, Holy Name Rectory, Holy Name School, and Mont Marie Health Care Center. In addition, she works tirelessly for the annual Community Festival of the Sisters of St. Joseph. She certainly shows the character of Christ in her daily living.