Sleep Country USA Volunteers

Daily Point of Light # 3566 Oct 4, 2007

Washington and Oregon have over 23,000 children in foster care, many of which have suffered the effects of neglect, poverty and abuse. Sleep Country believes that when we work together we can help make sure these children have the items and resources they need to have a happier, more successful childhood. Sleep Country USA Foster Kids program has been integral in helping the more than 23,000 foster children that live in the Pacific Northwest.

Foster kids often go without the basic needs that most children take for granted, like school supplies, toys or even warm clothes. Sleep Country USA is making a difference for foster kids in need. Recent studies show that nearly half of foster children do not return to live with their biological families, foster children repeat a grade twice as often as other students and often score 15-20 lower than other kids on statewide tests, more than half of foster kids don't graduate high school and at age 18, 61% have no job experience and 1/3 end up on welfare.

It does not have to be that way. Sleep Country USA® is joining forces with specific and targeted foster charity organizations and the community to help Washington and Oregon's foster kids. They provide foster kids with the little things that can make a big difference. Things like school supplies, soccer shoes, tutoring, summer camp or even a birthday present or warm clothes.