Daily Point of Light # 2252 Sep 20, 2002

Solomon’s Porch Medical Outreach was started by a group of medical professionals from Faith Community Church in Tucson, Arizona, including physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, a chiropractor and other ancillary volunteers, who wanted to help bridge the gap in the health care system for members of the Tucson community. They are assisting the working poor, the uninsured and under-insured, by providing and assisting in accessing medical care. Their first outreach was held in May 2000, and was followed by monthly clinic days through November 2000. They became a 501(c)(3) organization in April 2001.

In January 2001, the Healthcare Team held a Family Clinic Day, in March and June Well Woman Clinics were held and in August they participated with another faith-based organization at a community children’s health fair. In addition, they were the core volunteer staff for the Medical Area for the Tucson Festival of Hope, sponsored by Compassion in Action, held on October 27, 2001. Together with other medical professionals from throughout Tucson, they provided 2,300 individuals with care and services. This event was recognized in USA Weekend for Make a Difference Day under the newspaper awards – Tucson Citizen, Compassion in Action.

On March 2, 2002, Solomon’s Porch Medical Outreach held a Women’s Health Day, a community-wide event, for medically underserved women. The outreach was held at Faith Community Church. Solomon’s Porch Medical Outreach partnered with community agencies and organizations, as well as other faith-based organizations to help the women in obtaining needed health care and social services.

Along with the Solomon’s Porch Medical Outreach team and those coming from community agencies and organizations, individuals providing services and those working with the children, were 150 volunteers. Seventy women from throughout the Tucson community were served. At least 50% of the volunteers also received assistance, bringing an estimated total served to 150 served.

The scope of services during Women’s Health Day included a discounted health care plan for low-income working adults provided by the county, as well as other government sponsored programs, such as Kids Care. Other services included opportunities to schedule well-women health checks with the county or with Solomon’s Porch Medical Outreach, bone density screening, blood pressure checks, domestic violence information, smoking cessation, low cost mammography, chiropractic care, chair massages, facials and manicures. Other agencies there offered social services for the homeless and living assistance. Groceries and diapers were distributed to those in need. Vehicle and home repair services were offered, as well as tax preparation and budgeting information.

A Well-Woman Clinic Day was held on April 6, 2002, as a follow-up to the Women’s Health Day, to provide for those who did not qualify for community services.