Sonya Troxel

Daily Point of Light # 3525 Aug 8, 2007

Sonya Troxel is a registered dental hygienist working in to office of Dewaine Cales, D.D.S. In January 2006, the practice had no preventative program in the dental department for children. So she was invited to create one.

She helped to design the criteria for the program, which would serve children ages 6-14. The thought with this age group was to catch 6 year old and 12 year old molars before they got decay and could still be sealed. She suggested that the practice do cleanings, x-ray exams, sealants and fluoride treatments for children between the ages of 6-14, who are in the income guidelines of free and reduced lunches.

Sonya recruited hygienists through the Southwest Missouri Hygiene Association. She enlisted 9 hygienists as volunteers for this program, for which she also continues to volunteer. Sonya applied for and received the Rosie Wall Spirit Award of $3,000.00 for the program.

Since its beginnings, a little over a year ago, The Children’s Preventive Clinic has seen 210 patients, placed 327 sealants, and screened 458 middle school students at a value of service to these children of $34,166. They have raised $27,088 in grants and donations.

Sonya Troxel continues to volunteer at the Community Clinic of Joplin in the Children’s Preventative Program. The clinic salutes Sonya for her ongoing volunteer efforts, because if had it not been for her, the program may have never gotten off the ground.