Daily Point of Light # 4120 Nov 18, 2009

Stephanie Voss volunteers in the marketing department at the Minnesota Children’s Museum, where the goal is to spark children’s learning through play.

Stephanie works on graphic designs for the museum. If the museum did not use bright colors, and maintain palpable signs and slogans, then it would not effectively create an atmosphere to fulfill its mission. Stephanie addresses these issues by using shapes and colors in fun ways. She does a wide range of graphic design tasks, including creating tag lines, animations, and general layouts for exhibits.

Stephanie has also made major improvements to the museum’s intranet. She made it much more user-friendly, and for this reason,there was a 50 percent increase in usage. Stephanie redesigned the e-newsletter, which has also positively impacted the communication for the museum. The subtle touches that Stephanie makes on the museum’s website and signs adds to its reputation as a fun, friendly place.

Beyond her natural gift and technical, college training in graphic design, Stephanie is unique because she has been assisting the marketing manager for longer than any other volunteer in the department. She is an especially creative and dedicated volunteer, which is a rare combination. Finally, Stephanie is special due to her modesty. Overall, her creativity, dedication, and modesty should be rewarded. For this, Stephanie is a Daily Point of Light.