Daily Point of Light # 3076 Nov 18, 2005

Many in the community have realized great personal success. Through their efforts, they have gained wealth, access, and influence. These people are commended for their ambition and achievements. Steve Linder is a man who can be admired for his personal accomplishments.

As a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, former Marine Corps fighter pilot, and current Community Relations Manager for HSBC Bank of Nevada, N.A., Linder is certainly in a position to rest on his laurels. However, what distinguishes Linder from the pack of self-serving success stories in his commitment to philanthropic and community-building endeavors.

Linder has been a member of Clark High School’s Academy of Finance Advisory Board since its inception. He is currently Past Chairman Advisory Board. Throughout the years, he has taken an active role in promoting the Academy and its unique educational program for youth in Southern Nevada who are interested in pursuing careers in a finance-related field. His association with the Academy has been a significant investment of time, expertise, and financial support.

As a key member of the Advisory Board, Linder’s counsel is sought for input on establishing the program’s curriculum, maintaining fiscal viability for the nonprofit organization, recruiting other experts in the financial and business sector for their support, and selecting scholarship recipients. Additionally, Linder has a personal involvement with AOF students as a business mentor. This year, Linder is mentoring one senior and one junior. He meets with them regularly to discuss their academic challenges and to introduce them to business protocol that is learned beyond a classroom setting. Through HSBC’s financial contributions, the Academy of Finance has enjoyed educational enchantments that would not otherwise be available to the students. They have sponsored field trips to financial and community institutions, student attendance at community events, and guest speakers and programs for the enrichment of the AOF student body.

Linder’s contributions to the Academy of Finance are extraordinary. Remarkably, the Academy is only one of many recipients of Linder’s munificence. He is also an active champion of a multitude of community-enrichment organizations: Habitat for Humanity, HELP of Southern Nevada, Junior Achievement, Opportunity Village, and United way of Southern Nevada, to name just a few.