Daily Point of Light # 2404 Apr 23, 2003

When Stewart Birbrower heard the appalling statistics of child sexual abuse, he was struck with horror and soon developed a strong desire to help prevent this crime. For the past three years, Birbrower has worked diligently to help prevent child sexual abuse.

As one of the past members of the Board of Directors, and currently Creative Director of From Darkness to Light, which prevents child sexual abuse through a nationwide public awareness campaign, he has significantly affected the lives of children and adults across the country. His tireless volunteer efforts initiated a launch to prevent child sexual abuse through a full-scale media crusade.

Birbrower came aboard From Darkness to Light as a volunteer during the organization’s genesis. As a former film director and advertising executive, he saw an immediate need for a media campaign. Birbrower created a comprehensive media campaign, including print, television and radio and outdoor billboards, which sparked a positive, community-wide response, as evidenced by formal evaluations. He worked day and night without pay to create From Darkness to Light’s first media campaign, which won Gold and Silver Telly Awards and an Addy Award. The impact of the media was greater than he had ever anticipated.

Birbrower worked as an advertising executive for nearly 20 years. He then worked as a film director for another 20 years. His expertise in the field enables him to do as an individual what normally five or six people have to do to produce a commercial. Birbrower creates, writes, directs, edits, finishes, and directs the artwork when the commercials are generated. He has produced a total of 11 commercials for From Darkness to Light. Seven of these commercials were public service announcements (PSAs) that were displayed for a period of time with a local news channel. The PSA’s promoted and informed the public of From Darkness to Light’s 2002 hallmark, 7 Steps to Protecting our Children from Sexual Abuse – a guide for responsible adults to protect children.

Birbrower continues to direct and produce all of the commercials and other media for From Darkness to Light. Each commercial takes weeks to complete. He does the commercials for this organization as a volunteer. The constant and continuous support that he gives to preventing child sexual abuse has had a direct effect on the well being of society.

Child sexual abuse is a silent stigma on today’s society that few people want to acknowledge. Birbrower reaches beyond that perception to show society that it is okay to talk about child sexual abuse and that it is a serious crime destroying the lives of countless children. The long-term effects of his volunteer efforts have brought about a change in how people view child sexual abuse. This change has enabled adult survivors to come forward and seek help. Most importantly, Birbrower’s efforts have enhanced the quality of life for numerous children by leading parents to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.