Sue Kalensky

Daily Point of Light # 4556 Jul 25, 2011

Luckily for the National Guard and Reservists in and around Brookfield Wisconsin as well as Active Duty posted at Fort McCoy, Give an Hour provider, Sue Kalensky, is only 25 minutes away. A licensed professional counselor Sue has worked with military service members and their families for six years both in private practice out of her office in Big Bend and as a consultant for the Department of Defense. She has given presentations, run group sessions and briefed post command on topics such as substance abuse and combat stress.

“I have a passion for the military,” she says. “My grandfather fought in World War II and I’m familiar with military culture.”

Sue first heard of Give an Hour through an email campaign over two years ago. “I followed up on it,” she says. “I’ve found that the National Guard folks, in particular, don’t get the support that Active Duty members get. Moreover many soldiers are in need of mental health counseling but may not want to use their military insurance or go to a military provider.”

Luckily for them, Sue is happy to offer her services.

One of Sue’s referrals was a veteran from Desert Storm. “A man came to me for counseling who was a former Marine involved in Desert Storm. He had never dealt with his PTSD, and then suddenly something triggered it. He needed to better understand what was happening to him.”

Sue has helped this Marine and many others like him. She is committed to her work with Give an Hour. “Volunteering for Give an Hour engenders a sense of giving back. I don’t have to be paid. These men and women have sacrificed so much for us.”