Daily Point of Light # 2925 Apr 21, 2005

As Artistic Director of the River Region Ballet for ten years Susan Ferrara has been striving to involve young people in the arts in the river parishes. She has produced and performed numerous ballets, both classics and original works. She continues to foster the art of dance and provide opportunities not only to young local dancers but also to entire families, who both participate and attend performances. The entire community benefits from her tireless efforts to help young people learn and grow through dance.

In an effort to provide education in the arts and added inspiration, Ms. Ferrara has engaged professional guest artists to work with our local dancers in order to give our young dancers a sense of professionalism and expertise while enhancing performances with something extra. Hiring professional guest artists from the New Orleans area has been and is a priority, giving both the dancers and their family and friends the opportunity to reap the benefits of their hard work and talents. Presentation of the arts made in partnership between young dancers and our local community has been her livelong mission.

As Artistic Director and Choreographer, Ms. Ferrara spends hundreds of hours each year planning each event. She will hold auditions for the two major productions each year and select the dancers to fill out the corps de ballet and the variations. All who audition are given a part in her productions; she works tirelessly to place everyone who is willing. She will teach the numerous parts to all dancers through hours of rehearsals. In her planning she will also oversee the construction of any costuming as well as new sets or props that need to be built or refurbished. She will supervise the two performances making sure that all is ready for the doors to open and the production to begin. While there is a core of volunteers to help with the productions, Ms. Ferrara is the driving force behind the Company. She works tirelessly to put on the best performance possible.

For 10 years, Ms. Ferrara has served our community without charging for these services. She has given of herself and as a result has an army of volunteers giving of themselves to keep this program alive. She is truly an inspiration to young and old alike.