Svyatoslav Petrov

Daily Point of Light # 3808 Sep 8, 2008

Svyatoslav Petrov is an outstanding young man who is very dedicated to community service. He developed a program called PAN International that stands for Preserving a Nation. It is described by Svyatoslav’s sponsors, Douglas B. Vinsel, CEO of Duke Raleigh Hospital and Kathy Turner, Director of Children’s Ministry, as “an International Healthcare Education Program with the goal of preserving a nation by teaching a young generation the habits and skills of healthy living. It is based on the notion that preventative medicine is always the best cure.”

Preserving a Nation works with Russian Ministries of Mt. Vernon to educate children who have compromised immune systems because of the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster on August 25th, 1986.

Thirty-five Russian children participated in Svyatoslav’s first session where they learned about simple methods of proper nutrition, hygiene and substance abuse prevention that could help build a strong immune system. Svyatoslav developed practical “hands on” experiences and those children who actively participated in the program where awarded special “PAN International” certificates. The children also signed a pledge developed by Svyatoslav in which they promised to abstain from smoking, drug and alcohol use. Svyataslov spent extra time counseling the children on Biblical principles. Statistically, the number of absolutely healthy children in Belarus does not exceed 20%, which is why a program based on preventative medicine is so important to these children. Svyatoslav raised $500 of monitory funds and $4,000 of value support items such as equipment and teaching supplies. He also recruited and trained several Russian-speaking adult workers for his program and established criteria for their acceptance.

Douglas Vinsel describes Svyatoslav as “liked and respected by all. He is mature beyond his years!” Kathy Turner describes him as “an amazing young man,” and “a self-starter.” This is not the first time Svyatoslov has demonstrated his remarkable dedication to community service. He earned a Gold Level Presidential Service Award last year with over 500 hour of service and was recognized as a North Carolina Distinguished Finalist award recipient in the Prudential Service Award competition. He developed and implemented a hand sanitation program for hospital workers at Duke Regional Hospital that increased compliance from 32% to 75% in a five month time frame.