Daily Point of Light # 2902 Mar 21, 2005

Tamara Greet continuously exhibits a strong degree of responsibility to her community through her many ongoing volunteer activities and accomplishments in both the public and private sector by:

Volunteering as the Publicity Chair for the American Cancer Society’s “Relay of Life” event in 2003. This annual activity meets a real community need and concern and leads to a long-term solution in the area of cancer research and education by raising thousands of dollars for researching, treating, and educating the public concerning that disease. The event builds a connection between those afflicted by cancer and those in the community desiring to help find a cure. Tamara also developed a relay team for the 2004 (and future) event(s), creating a partnership and ongoing involvement between the Long Beach Junior Chamber (Jaycees) and the American Cancer Society in Long Beach, California that will continue in the coming years.

Receiving State re-certification and serving as a volunteer S.A.C.A. Crisis Hotline Counselor and Sexual Assault Response Team Advocate in Los Angeles County since 2003. Through this ongoing, voluntary activity, Tamara provides the sort of hands-on service that builds connections between the community and those in crisis or who have been victimized by sexual assault-related crimes.

Serving as a Commissioner on the City of Long Beach Board of Health and Human Services since 2003 (Nominated by former Council Member Robert M. Webb and appointed, twice now, by Mayor Beverly O’Neill with the approval of the full Long Beach City Council). In this voluntary capacity, Tamara helps to establish public policy in the City of Long Beach that directly and positively impacts homeless children and families in our community.

Serving as the Vice President of Marketing for the Long Beach Junior Chamber for 2003 and 2004 (Tamara has also recently been elected to serve as the Vice President of Membership for this organization in 2005). In this voluntary role, Tamara develops and implements marketing strategies for the Long Beach Junior Chamber, a community involved leadership training organization. As a Board Member, Tamara also participates regularly in most of this organization’s community development and charitable fund-raising activities. Such activities and partnerships have directly assisted such well-known charitable organizations as Habitat for Humanity and the Family Aids Network with their local charitable goals.

Currently serving on the Site Council for Bryant Elementary School (Long Beach, CA). Volunteering to serve with this organization allows Tamara to assist the Long Beach Board of Education with developing, implementing and supporting policies that directly affect Bryant Elementary School in Long Beach, California.

Currently serving on the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA’s) of two Long Beach Schools. Tamar’s voluntary membership on these two local PTSA’s allows Tamara to support and assist with policies that directly effect Bryant Elementary and Hill Classical Middle Schools in Long Beach, California.

Each of the enumerated activities and affiliations is current, voluntary and ongoing. Tamara is actively involved in each of the organizations and activities listed. Tamara receives neither salary nor stipend for any of the activities and affiliations listed.