Tania Wagner

Daily Point of Light # 3555 Sep 19, 2007

Tania Wagner is a parent volunteer and Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) president at Ben Hill School in Tampa. In addition to a full-time nursing job, Tania comes to the school at least three days a week after working the night shift to meet the school’s needs. She has volunteered for each and every school event, chairing numerous projects that have either enabled a new program to be started or provided the means for successful programs to continue. Her enthusiasm, energy and positive attitude have been instrumental in the school doubling its total volunteer hours and continuing their great parent involvement programs.

Tania is a volunteer available to everyone. She is unique in that she truly cares about the safety and education of all Ben Hill students and does not just focus on her child’s grade or class. She instituted two very special and educational programs at Ben Hill this year. Single handedly, Tania organized a fantastic liaison program for the school, parents and community to bond. Her “What’s up at Hill?” night included a variety of interactive activities for all. Parents and students gained academic knowledge from various exhibits and workshops. They were able to meet the key players at our school magnet school and choice speakers. Tania also started red ribbon week at Hill since promoting school safety is one of her special goals. She provided ribbons, bracelets, stickers, ice cream, and other fun incentives to encourage students to continue to stay safe and drug free.

Tania leads by example. She never asks anything of anyone that she will not do herself. Yet, she is great at managing different personalities among the 1,057 PTA members because of dynamic leadership. She has a calm and positive presence and a “can-do” attitude.

Tania created new programs at Ben hill and continued to put in hundreds of hours continuing our programs from the past. Her greatest strength is that she can produce a large amount of work from her thirty board members with her smiling, positive and hardworking manner. The school is much better because she has helped to continue the PTSA’s good works but also updated many programs and added new ones. The faculty appreciates that Tania encourages them to try new academic endeavors by offering PTSA grants and helping teachers to find the resources and volunteers they may need to be successful.

Tania Wagner has dedicated so much of her time even though she is a full-time nurse and mother of three, that it is an inspiration to all. She embodies the idea that all parents can find the time to help our schools be the greatest.