Daily Point of Light # 2589 Jan 7, 2004

Tanna Baxter has been a major part of the Davis County 4-H program since 1978. She is a wonderful example of fulfilling the 4-H mission that is to assist youth in acquiring knowledge, building character and developing life skills in a fun learning environment that will enable them to become self-directing, productive members of society. She is a devoted wife, mother of three and foster-mother of one; however, she makes volunteer work a priority.

Baxter has worked to help every club in Davis County to become a Club of Promise initiative. That means the organizations must provide each child with a caring adult, a safe place to learn and grow, a healthy start in life for a healthy future, marketable skills and opportunities to serve and give back to the community. She has and continues to work tirelessly to improve the lives of children and strengthen service programs.

With regards to the Davis County 4-H program, Baxter has worked in varied capacities in both the local and state programs. In 2002 she was the chairperson for state leadermete that was hosted by Davis County. This is an annual program for all volunteer leaders throughout the state, and there were approximately 400 leaders in attendance. She has also served several years on leadermete planning committees.

Baxter has also served as 4-H leader council president, council member and camp director for several years during her 4-H career. Annually she also plans and serves the food to the youth from the Japanese Exchange program as a 4-H fundraiser. She also plans the food for most 4-H events.

Currently, she serves as president for the state volunteer council. She was appointed to this position as a result of many years of volunteer service working through all of the offices up to the president. She shares her time and talents mentoring and training new leaders. Baxter has a unique ability to bridge the ideas of first time leaders with the more experienced leaders, and she is encouraging; she does not make anyone feel their ideas will not work or are not important.

In addition, Baxter serves actively in the church. She currently mentors several families that are having difficulty. She not only helps the family, but she also brings their children to 4-H activities. She has impacted the lives of countless young people and was recently recognized for volunteer service through her job at JC Penney. As part of the award, she received a check for $250, which she donated to the Davis County 4-H program.