Taryn Davis

Daily Point of Light # 4569 Aug 11, 2011

Taryn was about to graduate from college in 2007 when her husband/soulmate was killed by a roadside bomb. At the age of 23 she became a military widow. She felt lost and totally alone. In a desperate need to find people in her own shoes, she set out traveling across the country to talk and listen to other women’s similar stories of lost loved ones and how they managed to cope and carry on with their lives.

What started out as a personal journey evolved into a lifelong commitment to help others in her situation through the American Widow Project. At a very young age, she was able to turn her grief into something positive to help others. She became the founder and executive director of the non-profit, the American Widow Project.

The American Widow Project is ” dedicated to the new generation of those who have lost the heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow, with an emphasis on healing through sharing stories, tears and laughter; military widow to military widow.”

Because of Taryn hundreds if not thousands of young military widows now have a place to turn for emotional support. She established a website for military widows to share stories, ask questions, get help etc…Taryn organizes ‘get aways’ for the widows to try new experiences such as skydiving, to get out there and start enjoying life again.