Daily Point of Light # 2950 May 26, 2005

Daily Point of Light Award for
Older Americans Month – May 2005

Ted Mintun is one of the winners of a special judging of the Daily Point of Light Award being honored this May during Older Americans Month. Recognizing the contributions of older Americans, these awards celebrate 50+ volunteers who are making a difference by giving of their time, talent and experience to meet the critical needs of their communities.

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Ted Mintun retired in 1990 as Chief of Social Services at the Salina Area Social and Rehabilitation Services office. After 44 years of social work practice, Ted transitioned from Volunteer Station liaison to RSVP volunteer, recording over 20,500 service hours between September 1991 – March 2005.

Since retirement, Ted has served on six Boards of Directors of community agencies. All Boards, and agencies, subsequently functioned more productively as a result of Ted’s contributions. His meeting minutes, research, and reports are legendary!

As Chairperson of the Volunteer Recruitment Committee for the All-America (substance abuse) Prevention Partnership Board of Directors for 4 years, he recruited between 10 and 55 adult volunteers for numerous alcohol, tobacco and drug free community recreational events for youth. Ted currently serves on the Community Corrections Advisory Board, Kansas Children’s Service League Advisory Council (and liaison to foster parents), and The Volunteer Connection Advisory Council.

As a member of the Salina Planning Council for Children and Families, Ted served on four of the five subcommittees: Not only an active participant, Ted has served as Secretary for all of the subcommittees, and the overall Steering Committee, including for 3 of them concurrently! Ted also worked many hours collecting data and writing reports for the Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority Community Planning Team for the 28th District.

Ted screened potential clients for the community health clinic for nine years. His numerous services helped two wheelchair bound senior citizens remain in their own homes for most of the last two years of their lives. For the past 10 years, he has mentored a young boy with special needs, enabling him to become a much more normal, happy, young man.

At 83, Ted remains a tireless advocate for children’s issues, relief of poverty and hunger on local, state and national levels.