The Christ Child Society

Daily Point of Light # 1445 Aug 18, 1999

The Christ Child Society (CCS) is a church-based society of women that operates in Pittsburgh, PA. Since 1994, the group has taken on the task of "adopting" a cottage at the Holy Family Institute, a residential facility for boys age 10-13 that are suffering from abuse, neglect and the effects of broken homes.

The cottage, named Saint Martins, is home to 12 boys. It is not home very long to the same 12 boys; the population of boys is ever changing, and the women often meet new boys on their visits. The CCS has made dramatic changes in the appearance of Saint Martins to create an atmosphere of "home." Reupholstering furniture, painting and bordering were just the beginning. They also purchased pictures and other items to create a more pleasant atmosphere for the children. The CCS also provides clothing and other items as necessary, which is very important to these boys, who may be leaving soon to return home or to foster care.

More important than the material items, has been the emotional support the CCS consistently provides. CCS does not let a month go by that they are not at Saint Martin’s throwing a party or hosting some fun activities with the children. Additionally, they assist with homework and other school related projects.