Daily Point of Light # 2524 Oct 8, 2003

The Lutheran Home Auxiliary is an organization created exclusively for the purpose of enhancing the lives of the Lutheran Home residents. The Auxiliary president states they will do whatever is needed to help make the residents more comfortable. Since its inception in 1972, the Auxiliary has provided labor, funding and personal contact for the residents of the Home.

Each of the Auxiliary members works an average of five hours per week. There are currently approximately 20 members, some of which have been involved in excess of 30 years. The average age of the Auxiliary volunteer is 80 years old.

Many of the members are accomplished seamstresses. They utilize their talent to provide many items within the facility such as clothing protectors, pillow skips, bed pads, tablecloths and lap blankets. They also sew aprons for the dietary workers and make soft booties for residents who are unable to wear shoes. Having these items made in-house rather than purchased commercially has reduced the facility’s operational budget.

Some days the Auxiliary members will sew all day long to make pillows, quilts, and craft items to sell at craft and bake sales. The ladies who sew also mend, repair and modify clothing for residents. They are able to modify clothing for the residents of the Home to help them maintain their independence. Some residents cannot pull a shirt over their head, so the Auxiliary volunteers cut the shirt so the resident can put it on by them.

The Auxiliary has also provided funding for various items. They have been able to purchase electric candlesticks for the chapel, television cart for staff training, prizes for bingo night and numerous equipment and supplies used for patient care. The most monumental gift was the equipment purchased for the physical and occupational therapy rooms. These purchases enable residents to receive therapy with up to date equipment.

In addition, the Auxiliary has an active “Welcoming Committee.” They visit new patients and bring a welcome gift to them to make them feel at home. They also help with various programs and also transport residents to activities and programs sponsored by the Home.

Without volunteers, it would be very difficult to meet the needs of the 379 residents. The Auxiliary volunteers have a direct impact on the lives of the residents in the Lutheran Home and make the jobs of the staff persons at the Home. The money they have raised throughout the years is substantial and the items they have donated are numerous and needed. The Lutheran Home Auxiliary has worked tirelessly for the benefit of the facility in excess of 30 years. They take each job seriously, no matter how large or small.