Daily Point of Light # 1740 Oct 4, 2000

The North Broward Hospital District (NBHD) has established one of the most comprehensive and unique school partnerships with the Broward County Public School Districts. Recognizing the importance of early intervention and the role of the school system in addressing child health in 1983, the partnership was born. The School Partnership’s goal was to improve student access to, and participation in, primary health services and to involve children and families in health care through a wide range of outreach and educational enrichment programs. NBHD’s School Partnerships was created to address current health issues and to promote healthy generations of Broward County citizens for years to come.

This program is a multi-million dollar investment in student and community health. NBHD contributes $750,000 in personnel, goods, and services, more than $8 million in direct health services, and $25,000 in educational enrichment activities. The funding is a combination of special tax funds, patient revenues, grants, gifts, volunteerism, employee contributions and in-kind support.

The countywide initiative provides multiple programs and services that enhance the school district’s commitment to achieving various objectives. Direct, indirect, and educational health services have been developed in seven areas. School health clinics have been established to offer services to pregnant and parenting adolescents. Last year the centers recorded more than 49,000 patients that were serviced by prenatal care, well-baby check ups, immunizations or routine care services. There is a medical liaison in each of the 29 schools that coordinates the school’s education program. Last year, this program served more than 32,000 students in the 29 schools.

The Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center is a segment that provides follow-up services to high-risk infants and children. It contracts with four preschools in Broward County to provide services to young children with disabilities. The fourth area is sports medicine. This program provides salary support for Sport Medicine Trainers at twelve high schools. Last year, volunteer physicians performed more than 1,000 physicals through this program. Last year, 626 students participated in a variety of clinical experiences at all of the four district hospitals last year. Health Services for School Employees provides health screening and Worker’s Compensation evaluations available to 20,000 Broward County School District employees. Finally, the School-to-Work Transitions program offers on-the-job training for medical magnet as well as mentally handicapped students in a variety of health occupations.

The NBHD’s School Partnership initiative targets all school-aged children living in the northern section of Broward County and schools located within medically underserved areas. The leadership, vision, and dedication of NBHD have created an innovative and viable program that supports many individuals.