The Robert A. Jamieson School

Daily Point of Light # 3799 Aug 26, 2008

Robert A. Jamieson School students, ages 15-21 years old, come to the blood center once a week throughout the school year to volunteer by performing clerical work. The program is designed to help students gain the skills needed to hold a job after graduation. Now in its tenth year, it is estimated that over 50 students have benefited from the program. The work skills training program has had a tremendous impact on the blood services region, as it has successfully integrated volunteers with and without disabilities, allowed staff the opportunity to share in the potential of people with disabilities and provided much needed clerical support.

The Jamieson kids won the Office Award at the 2007 Annual Volunteer luncheon. This award recognizes an individual whose work as an office Volunteer inspires others by their attention to detail, ability to work well with others and ability to complete projects accurately and in a timely manner. Our award recipients have been volunteering with us since 1997. Together, they have helped with office projects ranging from assembling 16 year old packets & Pint Sized Heroes packets, unpacking mugs and helping to assemble and unpack hundreds of various pins. Given a choice, they are very quick to tell you which project they would prefer to work on. Their commitment is unending and during the school season, they are usually here every Tuesday. Their positive attitudes are infectious and they are a joy to be around.