The Suncook Happy Singers

Daily Point of Light # 1376 May 13, 1999

The Suncook Happy Singers, under the direction of Muriel Simmons, are a group of 18 multi-talented adult and senior citizens who have provided musical entertainment for the patients and residents of New Hampshire Hospital since 1985. This group sings and dances its way into the hearts and audiences at the Psychiatric Nursing Home and Acute Psychiatric Services Building. They perform monthly and occasionally bi-monthly musical programs using a combination of piano, vocals, guitar and drums.

The singing group encourages their audiences to participate by singing, dancing or just by keeping beat to the music. The smiles and participation elicited by their performances is evidence of the positive effect their volunteer service has on the psychiatric patients and residents. The group has been able to elicit responses from patients and residents who usually choose not to participate in activities. During the winter months, the Suncook Happy Singers often travel in snowstorms in order to honor the commitment they have made to the patients and residents.

Through their volunteer service, the Suncook Happy Singers have become advocates for persons with mental illness and are committed to educating members of their communities about the importance of supporting the mentally ill. They also provide transportation to grocery stores and medical appointments for those unable to drive. The performances of the Suncook Happy Singers certainly make a difference in the lives of the people at New Hampshire Hospital.