Daily Point of Light # 1875 Apr 11, 2001

After graduating from Youth Leadership Jeffco, a yearlong leadership training program in his county, Timothy Brungardt wanted to put into action what he had learned. He conceived of a community program which he titled “Each 1 Reach 1.” The program’s purpose is to help families within the Wheat Ridge community by encouraging people to contribute goods to needy families.

Timothy recognizes that the need exists for this service, not only during the holidays, but all throughout the year. Yet, virtually all of the supply drives in the area occur only around the holidays. Although it is good that people are helping others in need, what about a week after Thanksgiving, or the month after Christmas?

Each 1 Reach 1 fills the need year-round. Supply drives are held the third week of each month. To make the drives accessible so that everyone in the community is able to participate, Timothy organized 12 drop-off locations, one at each of the Wheat Ridge High School feeder schools. Through Each 1 Reach 1, he has challenged local principals, elected officials, students and community members to help fill the needs of those in the community. Local newspapers have written about the project several times. The turnout has been substantial and area principals are supportive of the project. Everyone has faith that Each 1 Reach 1 is making a difference.

During the month of the diaper collection, Timothy received many full cases and numerous packages in various sizes. One little girl brought a single diaper with her name taped onto it. This simple act was the project in a nutshell. People giving not from their abundance, but from their own sparse supply. It is reminiscent of the woman in the Bible who gave her last two coins.

Tim also volunteers in the ER at Lutheran Medical Center four hours per week. Since 1987 he has been a SHARE Colorado volunteer where he packs, sorts and distributes food on a monthly basis. He’s also President of Student Voice, member of the National Honor Society and key Club at Wheat Ridge High School and was recently honored by a local Denver television station as a “7 Everyday Hero.”