Tom Selleys

Daily Point of Light # 3648 Jan 28, 2008

Tom Selleys performs volunteer duties in the Patient Discharge Lounge, Escort Office, Business Office, with the Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop, and soon with the Care Ambassador/Greeter Program. Tom is enthusiastic, friendly, accommodating, and very conscientious and committed to doing an excellent job in performing his duties.

Tom has been a volunteer at the Fargo VA Medical Center since June 2005 and has since performed his duties in an exemplary manner. Tom started volunteering in one department in 2005 and has been expanding his services into many departments and volunteer assignments. Tom has recently attended 32 hours of formal training to become a Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop Leader to assist staff and patients with weekly educational workshops. In addition, Tom has also agreed to commit to one full day a week as a Care Ambassador/Greeter for veterans and families at the main entrance of the hospital in getting them to their destinations within the hospital. Tom has accumulated over 850 volunteer hours in less than 3 years.

Tom is a perfect example of his caring and sharing attitude. Tom is a true supporter of the VA and genuinely cares about our nation’s veterans. The important role Tom plays in all the volunteer assignments is truly commendable and could not be accomplished without his selflessness services. As mentioned above, Tom is a true advocate of our medical center and our veterans. Tom is a caring person and is highly regarded by his fellow volunteers and VA staff. Tom is always willing to help where ever necessary. More than once, Tom was called at home to check if he would be willing to come in and assist in an area that was short volunteers. Tom has always been accommodating and willing to come in on short notice. Tom is very reliable and extremely conscientious in doing a great job and always keeps management in the loop and aware of pertinent matters as they arise or when he is leaving for the day. On more than one occasion, Tom has come to the facility for other business during the day and observes there is no coverage or additional help is needed at the reception counter and will contact Voluntary Service staff to inform us he will be volunteering at the reception counter to provide assistance.