Daily Point of Light # 2844 Dec 29, 2004

Vera Mae Hanson is a 73 year-old retired dietician who worked as a Director of Food Service. She has been a resident of Napa, California since 1971 and has worked to help others in her community for the past 15 years.

Hanson has been running the Seventh Day Adventist Center in Napa for the past 15 years. The center provides free clothing, food and furniture to those in need. Hanson and her staff are all volunteers; however, they take the time to wash all the donated clothes and make baby layettes for new babies.

Hanson’s husband is a retired dentist, and she has influenced him to serve also. He now picks up donated appliances and furniture to be given to families that could not otherwise afford these items. Recently the Hansons came to the aid of a lady who had no transportation other than a bicycle. The woman had been searching for and found a job; however, the training was 20 miles away. Hanson did not want this woman on a bicycle at night and offered to drive her and pick her up.

Hanson is a special part of her Napa community. Those in need know her and have had their lives touched by her dedication and genuine concern for their well-being. There is no way to quantify all she does; however, it is evident that all who leave the Seventh Day Adventist center have been blessed.