Vincent Beck

Daily Point of Light # 3585 Oct 31, 2007

Vincent D. Beck is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force. He demonstrates a sustained capacity for leadership, excellence and diligence in his activities related to government service and throughout his local, state and national community. In his primary duties as a Multimedia Technician and extracurricular activities, he has shown uncommon skill and dedication. While piloting $1.2 million dollars of multimedia equipment, he managed multimedia services for 7,600 joint and international students, and delivered 1,080 curriculum hours. His work ensured the most senior enlisted members of the United States and Coalition Air Forces were mentored, trained and educated at the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Academy at Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base.

Vincent has made consistent, significant contributions to his local, state, and national community in addition to his outstanding service in the United States Air Force. Within his career field, he constantly worked to improve the efficiency of his work center, establishing it as a model for other multimedia centers throughout Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base. He managed two separate Audio Visual upgrades totaling $400,000, in which he identified or corrected 27 installation errors. His efforts reduced manning required in the booth by two people and shrank training requirements by 33%. These upgrades automated many multimedia functions, and enabled the mission of the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy to go forward despite reduced manning. In addition, he turned in 275 pieces of outdated equipment and managed production of a 24-page Audio Visual booth Operational Instruction which set an innovative new standard and enabled future self-help operations. After learning the system, he led the charge to personally train several Academy staff on booth operations in less than a week.

In addition, Vincent creatively developed an Air Force junior enlisted college book trading program for his local base. His efforts helped save 45 Airmen over $2,500. Because he felt strongly about giving back to his community, he gave a lecture on the importance of community involvement to 42 first-term Airmen, which inspired them to contribute many hours of volunteer service. He was elected President of the Junior Enlisted Advisory Council, in which he organized 6 base events for 190 members and inducted 60 new Staff Sergeants. These events resulted in $8,000 raised for base and charity functions. Further, he developed the Maxwell-Gunter Airmen Shadow Program, in which junior enlisted members could gain first hand guidance and counsel from the Air University Command Chief Master Sergeant. Twelve Junior Non-Commissioned Officers received one-on-one mentoring.

Vincent also serves as a key member of the Leader Focus Group, which formed the Maxwell enlisted club committee. This committee has saved Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base $5,000 in costly renovations. He also serves as a community ambassador; he created advertising that supported four Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy graduations and served 2,400 students.