Virginia Anne McCarty

Daily Point of Light # 3801 Aug 28, 2008

In only two and a half years since becoming a V.I.P.S. with the Vacaville Police Department on March 16, 2005, Virginia Ann McCarty has recorded over 1,400 hours of service. Based on the program’s standard of 200 hours per year this equates to seven years of service.

Virginia is by nature a multitasker. She has become the Vacaville PD “GO TO” V.I.P.S. Virginia’s current projects include: managing the citizen ride along program, for both citizens and police applicants; facilitating all street closure requests, a huge project requiring the coordination of Patrol, Traffic, and the Community; she participates in and has significantly contributed to training new volunteers and enhancing the role and scope of services provided by the V.I.P.S. Patrol Assistant (PA) Team. This Team now works arm and arm with Police Officers assisting in a variety of complex tasks, and in the event of major emergency or disaster they are prepared to provide a trained volunteer emergency response and communications workforce.

Virginia recently assisted with a police officer recruitment project which involved researching and recruitment of potential officers from more than 80 law enforcement agencies statewide. Virginia coordinates the recruitment, registration and organization of the on-going V-CERT (Vacaville- Citizen’s Emergency Response Team) training academies, including producing the Identification badges and Completion Certificates for graduates.

Virginia is loved and cherished by all. Command Staff unanimously chose Virginia as the 2006 Volunteer of the Year as she has impacted each of their Divisions in a positive way. It has been Virginia’s willingness to take on multiple duties and to do an outstanding job at each one that has earned her everyone’s appreciation and respect.