Daily Point of Light # 2983 Jul 12, 2005

Von Whatcott is a unique volunteer in his area. Though he is only 23 years old, he volunteers 20-30 hours every week. Whatcott was injured in an accident when he was young, which sent him into cardiac arrest, and caused some injury to his brain. However, through great determination, Whatcott relearned all the skills he lost in the accident. He was in special education classes, worked hard, and later, received his high school diploma. After high school, Whatcott spent six months serving a mission for his church. He then attended culinary arts school and received his Food Handler’s Permit.

For the past two and a half years, Whatcott has volunteered at the Pahvant Senior Center, spending at least 20 hours a week serving the seniors. He helps as kitchen aide, preparing food for the seniors, cleaning up after meals, and putting away groceries. He also helps in the center foot clinic, where he assists the nurses in taking care of the residents’ feet by making sure they have enough water and supplies, and helping with clean up. Whatcott also accompanies the seniors on shopping trips called Senior Trips. On these trips, he helps them get around in the stores, and serves as a companion.

Whatcott loves volunteering at the Pahvant Senior Center. Whatcott has a smile and kind word for all the seniors he works with. He is a willing worker and is quick to accomplish any task he is asked to do. Often he will notice that things needs to be done and will do so without any prompting. Virginia Josse, Administrator of the Pahvant Senior Center says the seniors “love him-he fits right in and he’s willing to do anything.”

In addition, Whatcott volunteers two afternoons during football season helping out at football practice for the Millard High School football team. His father has instilled a work ethic in him so Whatcott works hard at whatever he sets out to do. As a hobby, Whatcott also grows a garden and shares the produce with others during harvest time.