Walnut MathCounts Association

Daily Point of Light # 5362 Dec 3, 2014

Because many students in Walnut, CA do not have exposure to math outside of math classes, Walnut MathCounts fills a void by demonstrating how the whole of math success is greater than the sum of its parts. This volunteer group providing an outlet for students to advance their problem-solving skills and to learn more practical applications for math.

Walnut High School students volunteer their time, teaching Suzanne Middle School students on a weekly basis. The high school students often instill in the middle school students enthusiasm and a passion for mathematics. They emphasize that the purpose of the club is to have fun and enjoy doing math, not just to win a competition and solve problems correctly.

The effort began originally as an after-school club that met once a week. Over time it has evolved into a program that offers weekly classes, teaching students math and problem-solving beyond their grade. The club also gives students an outlet to a wider range of global math competitions.

Changing perceptions about mathematics and helping young people excel, the volunteers involved with Walnut MathCounts prove there is strength in numbers. That makes Walnut MathCounts a genuine Daily Point of Light.