Warren Bagby

Daily Point of Light # 3578 Oct 22, 2007

Warren Bagby was born in Richmond, VA and raised in the Washington Metropolitan area. He became a resident of Prince Georges County in 1977 when his family moved into the Berkshire community. Warren graduated from Suitland High School and continued his education at Prince George’s Community College and later attended TESST College.

As a dedicated single parent, Mr. Bagby is an activist in the Berkshire area. He has coached the youth basketball team for Young’s Memorial Church. In 2001, he confronted B. F. Saul, the owners of Greater Eastern Shopping Center, and demanded that they comply with the Prince Georges County code by erecting a private fence separating their center from the community. Mr. Bagby was also part of the committee that stopped the installation of a Federal Prison Building in the Forestville/ Upper Marlboro area. As a result of his community involvement, Mr. Bagby was elected President of the Berkshire Civic Association in 2002, which he single-handedly revised after 10 years of dormancy.

During his tenure as President of the Civic Association, Mr. Bagby has established great working relationships with area communities—Forest Run, Penn Crossing and Parkland. He also regularly attends meetings sponsored by the Department of Environmental Resources, Department of Public Works and Transportation, Council 7 District, Prince Georges Police Department, County Executive, Senate District 25 and other organizations. In addition, Mr. Bagby regularly requests the presence of Prince Georges County officials at Berkshire Community monthly meetings.

Mr. Bagby has spearheaded/participated in many successful community projects. He was a part of the Berkshire Community Street light upgrade installation that resulted in a $56,950 approved project as well as the Neighborhood Park Renovation. Mr. Bagby is also a part of the Pennsylvania Avenue Sound Barrier Project and worked to get the installation of barriers at dead end streets in the Berkshire Community to prevent trespassers and appointed block captains and neighborhood watch throughout the community. He also works with the Berkshire Community Newsletter, leads the monthly neighborhood clean-up, plants trees and shrubs in the community for beautification, and is working to get sidewalks repaired and installed in the community.

In addition to the above, Mr. Bagby utilizes his personal funds to serve the community. He purchases trash bags and gloves for community clean up days. He also uses his home office supplies to create promotional materials for community meetings and events. Mr. Bagby also uses his personal vehicle to haul plans and mulch used on beautification days.