Wayne King

Daily Point of Light # 3478 Jun 4, 2007

Wayne King’s service to several institutions in Natchitoches is testimony to his commitment, cooperation and service. Most residents know who he is because he has probably impacted their life in some way.

His volunteer work began with Natchitoches Association for Retarded Citizens (NARC) around 1971, he began working as a volunteer with the Lov'N Care Mission in 1999 and he has served with the Lions Club for a number of years.

The Lov’N Care Mission is a local Christian based Mission Ministry. It is a nonprofit organization crated to meet the needs of people in the community. By providing free supplemental and emergency food to individuals who fall below the Federal Poverty Guidelines and donated clothing at a very low cost to those in need. They also provide Bible Study and worship services to provide spiritual guidance.

Wayne's expertise, gained from 39 years with the Social Security Office and his years with Natchitoches Association for Retarded Citizens (NARC) has greatly benefited the efficiency and success of the Lov'N Care Store Front Mission. The needy and elderly families served have received blessings beyond food, clothing and used household items. His influence and service goes beyond the walls of the mission and certainly meets a real community need, bringing unity to the community.