Will Lourcey

Daily Point of Light # 4549 Jul 14, 2011

Will saw a man on a street corner holding a sign that read: “Need A Meal.” He asked his parents what it meant and he became sad inside. Instead of feeling sorry for the man and driving on by, Will decided to make a difference; he told his parents “I want to start a charity group! I want to help that man and others like him. I want to see a world where there are no hungry people on street corners.” Will is special because he saw a need, designed a program, implemented it and continues to inspire others to fight hunger.

Will and his efforts have provided over 31,000 meals for the hungry and over 2,000 cans of food for his local food bank. He creates awareness of the hungry, collects canned foods and raises money for the Tarrant Area food bank. With his relationship with the local grocery store Will set up a donation box in the store where patrons could give food to the food bank.

Along with 10 of his friends, Will created a community service group called FROGS whose mission is: “Have Fun while Helping Others!” He met with the local food bank directors to learn more about the need in the community, toured the food bank and created/designed a program called “Hits & Kicks Against Hunger” for elementary school kids. Participants recruit sponsors to pledge $1 for every hit or kick they get in a baseball or soccer game.

He inspires thousands of community members to not only give canned food to the food bank but also give of their time. Hearing of Will’s activism, a local car wash held an awareness day of the hungry donating $1 for every car washed for an entire weekend while FROGS distributed information to the patrons about the food bank and answered questions regarding how to volunteer and donate.

American Mensa also held a canned food drive in Will’s name, raising 500 pounds of food for the Tarrant food bank. The food bank’s services and the need for volunteers and financial contributions are highlighted as a direct result of Will’s ideas and campaign.

Will loves to tell people: “I’m a little kid making a big, big difference!” And that he is. Will is unique because he is an 8 year old kid who ignites change in his community and inspires others to join the fight against hunger. He doesn’t view himself as just a child, but as a catalyst for change…no matter what his size. “It doesn’t matter how big or small you are…you can make a difference!”