Will Matson

Daily Point of Light # 3606 Nov 29, 2007

Will Matson makes it a priority to give of himself and his time. He served with Habitat for Humanity and has been an active contributor to Trinity Valley School Community Service Club where he currently serves as co-president.

A natural leader, Will is mature beyond his years. His confidence, resourcefulness and encouragement to those he leads is phenomenal. Will's dedication to volunteerism has led him to complete more than 350 hours of community service during the past four years.

Four years ago, Will went on his first Habitat for Humanity build. His contagious passion for Habitat soon earned him an appointment by the Habitat staff to Crew Chief where he would complete an intense two-month training program. Currently, Will is working toward becoming a Master Crew Chief which requires an additional four months of training.

When Will wasn’t on job sites, he was cooking meals for the residents at Presbyterian Night Shelter. Will not only prepared and served the food, but he also socialized with the residents in a kind, genuine manner. One of my most memorable experiences of Will was when a homeless woman asked him to pray for her. He immediately bowed his head and asked that blessings be bestowed on her.

He is an exceptional young man who is passionate about serving others. His example has resulted in community members also getting involved in volunteering.