William Carter, Jr.

Daily Point of Light # 3537 Aug 24, 2007

The William Carter, Jr. Basketball Camp meets a real community need with great concern about education, sportsmanship and good citizenship. It is an organization that has met community needs from Columbus, GA, where it originated, to Charleston, SC, where it is today.

William Carter, Jr. is the President of the National Baptist Deacons Convention of America, Inc. and its auxiliaries. The above camp is named in his honor for being a mentor for fifty years. As a mentor he has been a friend coach and an advocate for many. His motivational speeches through the years have given much hope and inspiration to children and youth.

The William Carter, Jr. Basketball Camp is in its third year and this camp gives great concern to parents and children about the importance of education, sportsmanship and good citizenship. Free pamphlets on these topics are given to parents and children.

Examples of materials in the field of education to help parents are: helping your child with homework, helping your child succeed in school, helping your child with math, helping your child with history, helping your child with science, and helping your child become a reader. There is a table displayed with information about colleges and funding.

In addition to educational material, the 2007 William Carter, Jr. Basketball will show great concern about health issues. A Health Awareness presentation will be held on June 16, 2007 at the camp. Two local physicians will give this presentation. The first presentation is about Cardiovascular Disease with free brochures from food vendors on healthy diet. The second presentation is about sports injury prevention. This sports medicine presentation will be given by the Director of MUSC Sports Medicine. Both of the above physicians are excellent in their field.

Three nurses will give free blood pressure checks. Two of these nurses are former students of Mr. Carter. He inspired them with his motivational speeches through the year to reach their goals.

Mr. William Carter, Jr. is an ordinary person who reaches out to help give many hope and a helping hand.