William Fuller

Daily Point of Light # 3925 Feb 18, 2009

William "Dalton" Fuller is seventeen years old and attends Kinston High School in Kinston, AL. He will be graduating as an honor student in May of 2009. During his time in high school, he has made service a priority while still excelling with his studies. He has taken dual enrollment classes through a local junior college and has been active in many school activities as well as holding a job through his high school years.

Dalton is a member of Ino Baptist Church. He is an active participant in the youth group and the youth choir. Dalton has attended numerous mission trips with the church and will continue to do so when he attends college.

In March of 2007, an F-3 tornado hit Enterprise, AL. Dalton volunteered to assist the 12th Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office. He helped with the recovery efforts by rescuing the individuals that were trapped in the high school in Enterprise. Dalton worked in the band room and was a diligent volunteer. Due to the devastation, a temporary morgue had to be set up at the high school also. As bodies were excavated from the rubble, Dalton saw what, in a matter of seconds, a natural disaster could do to so many both directly and indirectly.

In addition to his extracurricular activities, school responsibilities and scheduled volunteer work, the opportunity to serve during a time of disaster changed Dalton’s life. Being involved in the recovery process showed him what devastation does to the people involved and the community as a whole. That natural disaster was something Dalton could not fully describe in words. However, serving during the after math of the tornado in March of 2007 caused him to appreciate the community he lives in and the importance of community service and offering assistance to others in time of need.