William Robert Petersen

Daily Point of Light # 3540 Aug 29, 2007

Bill Petersen is a creative volunteer who has dedicated his services to the exhibit area of the Museum of Science and Technology (MOSI) in Tampa, FL. For more than 18 years, he has offered his time and talent to provide an interactive experience for guests to learn about science.

Bill has worked on numerous exhibits over the years, completing mechanical as well as cosmetic fixes. His consistent efforts keep the exhibits maintained. In addition, the museum has evolved tremendously during Bill’s tenure of volunteering and its staff depends on his extensive knowledge of the exhibits' history. Such longevity of a volunteer’s commitment is a treasure.

MOSI is the largest science center in the Southeastern United States. It encompasses 318,126 total square feet on a 73-acre campus with 450 permanent, hands-on exhibits. With a total of 824,208 visitors per year, the museum relies on Bill’s expertise to keep the exhibits available for its visitors.