Daily Point of Light # 2510 Sep 18, 2003

Wravenna Phipps, 19, a freshman at Black Hawk College, created and conducted farm safety awareness programs for thousands of children and teens in her community. “After my cousin nearly died from a farm accident, I was inspired to take an active part in spreading the farm safety message,” Wravenna said. After researching current safety programs offered by the Progressive Farmer Safety Camps, Wravenna set goals and began planning her project. She designed some teaching materials, borrowed others from extension offices and businesses, recruited volunteers, and then organized nine school presentations and 12 safety day camps, impacting more than 57,163 young people. She also participated in panel discussions, public service announcements and television interviews, and helped develop a new safety curriculum reaching more than a million people across this nation. Her programs included information on lawn mower, tractor and ATV safety; hidden farm hazards; belts, chains, and augers; and grain and bin safety. “Since one half of all youth farm accidents occur to kids who don’t live on the farm and are visiting, I felt that I had a vital message for all youth,” she said.