Daily Point of Light # 1733 Sep 25, 2000

Since its inception in 1946, Beta Tau Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. has diligently worked to make a difference in the Greater Miami Area. The dream of owning a building that could be used to further the work of the sorority went unfulfilled for several decades. Finally, in 1992, the rebirth of the idea to purchase a building to help continue the cause of community service was presented to the sorority’s executive board and general membership. The idea received unanimous approval.

After two years of dedicated work by many women of the sorority, The Zeta Community Center seemed to be within reach. The Executive Director, Rosetta Vickers, began a search for a building. She wanted the facility to be within the community and be accessible by all whom it would serve. The sorority found a building on NW 54th Street in 1994, and signed a contract to purchase the same.

Vickers was instrumental in the birth of the Zeta Community Center. The building now stands as a textbook example of positive work for the community. She is a dedicated community volunteer who never stops giving, never stops working, and never stops caring. Vickers gave her sorority sisters the leadership and direction they needed to capture the moment and make their dream a reality. She facilitated the mobilizing of resources to fund the center and continues to work to keep all of its services going.

The center, less than two years old, has taken on the task of instilling high moral standards and self-esteem in each youth that crosses its threshold. It cooperates, communicates and collaborates with individuals, families, churches, businesses, and community groups to benefit the children and the rest of the community. The sorority takes great pride in the center and continues its great legacy of public service there.

Some of the programs offered at the center are Survival Opportunity Seminars (SOS), Reaching Out Youth Advocacy Leaders (ROYAL), free tutoring and mentoring as well as free karate and keyboard lessons. The ROYAL program has a Scholarship Legacy Fund that assists qualified students in pursuing their educational and career goals. The center has been a savior to hundreds of disadvantaged children in addition to those who may have had some problems at a young age with the law. It has been an inspiration for the community and an encouragement to all to continue to strive for higher heights.

The goal of the center is to help children and youth achieve their maximum potential. In doing so, dropout rates should decrease in schools as well as crime in the community. They provide counseling assistance and other aid that helps community members become more self-confident which will result in higher levels of self-sufficiency. In addition to that, parenting skills and social and cultural activities are offered at the center. The Zeta Community Center embodies compassion, care and true service.