4 Ways Corporate Volunteerism Will Change Your Business

Dec 28, 2022

As a business owner or team leader, you know how crucial it is to appreciate your employees, keep them engaged and offer them greater job satisfaction. You know that competitive pay, an extensive benefits package and the opportunity for upward mobility can help your employees feel valued. But how can corporate volunteerism help keep your employees engaged in their work, connected to the team and eager to remain with your company? Here are a few things Points of Light has found from working with our corporate partners. 

1. Corporate Volunteerism Increases Job Satisfaction 

Points of Light’s research on civic engagement shows that up to 40% applied for a job specifically because of the employer’s social responsibility stance. In particular, Gen Z employees overwhelmingly want to work for a company that takes a stand on social impact. 

When you demonstrate to your workforce that the company cares about doing good just as much as the bottom line, you instill these values in your employees and attract new employees who also share them. 

2. Corporate Volunteerism Increases Retention 

According to a study from Galaxy Digital, “…employees are five times more engaged in companies with employee volunteer programs.” Your organization can benefit from employees being more hands-on, not just in their day-to-day, work-related tasks, but also in company-wide efforts to drive change in the world. 

“Even during the trying times of a recession, volunteering is important. Nonprofits may have to lay off employees, limiting their capacity. This is where skills-based volunteers can be not only be important but vital to the nonprofit’s bottom line. Plus, being civically engaged has been proven to reduce stress and increases positive, relaxed feelings, which is helpful during a stressful time like a recession. Having an intentional CSR strategy will help the community and your employees.”

– Holly McCaleb, Senior Director, CSR Consulting 

3. Corporate Volunteerism Bolsters Employees’ Skills  

Building your team’s skillset is valuable to both you and your employees. When it comes to corporate volunteering, many skills can be honed through hands-on work with teams and communities. Your employees can practice the things they’re already adept at and can continue to expand their knowledge and expertise by trying new things. 

Working within communities and engaging in volunteerism can also help increase your employees’ empathy and make for a more tolerant, inclusive and compassionate workplace. 

4. Corporate Volunteerism Increases Organizational Success 

With all of these things in mind, you can safely assume that employee satisfaction, retention and skill-building will absolutely lead to greater success of your business. When you have employees who are eager to be engaged with your company in and out of the workplace, who grow their expertise and practice leadership and teamwork, and who remain with the company longer term, you will see these reflections in your profitability. 

If you’re just getting started with corporate volunteerism, check out the resources we have available on our website. If you’re ready to start to building or refining your corporate social responsibility program and need a trusted, knowledgeable partner to help, Points of Light can provide best-in-class tools, frameworks and customizable support through our suite of Corporate Services Solutions.

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